The Essence of the Amalfi Coast Meets The Spirit of Beachwear

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of Positano, Italy, our collection captures the azure seas, verdant hills, and vibrant hues of this coastal paradise. We believe in embracing the sun-kissed allure of the Mediterranean, infusing it into each piece of our expertly designed men's swimwear.

At Positanno, we're more than a brand; we're a lifestyle. Like the charming coastal town we're named after, we embody a love for crystal clear waters, stunning landscapes, and the laid-back luxury of beach life. But more than that, we're committed to providing comfort, functionality, and fashion-forward designs to enhance your seaside or poolside experience.

Dive into Positanno, where every day is a beach day, and every moment is filled with the radiance of Italian summers. Escape with us to where the sea meets the sky, and let the spirit of Positano inspire your journey. Embrace the Positanno lifestyle – La Dolce Vita awaits.